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Preston Black History Group

1025. Clinton Smith

Clinton Smith, from Preston, has chaired the ‘Preston Black History Group’ since 2012 to research, celebrate and share the contribution of Black history to British society.

Clinton hosts regular presentations at schools, libraries, museums and police forces, to promote diversity and improve multicultural understanding. Clinton oversaw an innovative partnership with the Preston-based Turner Prize winning artist Professor Lubaina Himid, the first female Black artist to ever receive the prize, to advise on a local exhibition about race and representation. He has also worked with the University of Central Lancashire to promote the study of Black Atlantic culture in the UK, bridging the gap between academia and the local community. Clinton was recently awarded the 2018 Fusion Lifetime Community Achievement Award for services to race relations.

In a personal letter to Clinton, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through the ‘Preston Black History Group’ you are promoting cultural understanding, challenging misconceptions, and raising awareness of the far-reaching contributions African and African-Caribbean people have made to life in Britain. You should feel very proud of your inspiring work sharing previously untold stories and collaborating with local museums, galleries, and libraries.”

Clinton said: 

“I feel extremely privileged to be receiving the ‘Points of Light’ Award. Over the years I have tried to make a positive contribution to race, diversity and community cohesion. I have undertaken this without any thoughts about recognition or personal reward. I have been able to do this with the support and encouragement of the Members and supporters of Preston Black History Group (PBHG). Our work is to educate and to have pride in what we do and what we have achieved. The future is to ensure that the present and future generation will follow in our footsteps to continue what we have started. I feel very humble and proud to be receiving this award.”

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