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Petros Zoe Uganda

Commonwealth Point of Light 114. Hannah Mugonyi

Hannah Mugonyi, representing Uganda, is the founder of ‘Petros Zoe’, which offers high-quality vocational training to hundreds of young people, equipping them with skills to enter the workforce or start their own businesses.

Hannah Mugonyi

Hannah recognised that many young people in her community lacked the resources to complete their formal education, and so, through ‘Petros Zoe’, has created alternative vocational training courses in fashion and design, cosmetic manufacturing, shoemaking and hairdressing. Every student is then supported with business skills and coaching enabling them to create their own business and sustainable income.

Hannah said:

“When I first found out about this award, I was shocked. Actually shocked is an understatement. There are many people in Uganda and the world who are doing amazing things. So the fact that I would be nominated and then accepted to receive such a prestigious award was mind-blowing to me.

“I would like to dedicate this award to my late husband, Martin Mugonyi, with whom I started this dream of community transformation in our village situated in the Goma Division in the Mukono Municipality. Martin passed away shortly after our one year anniversary as an organization and I know he would be proud to see how far we’ve come.

“I would also like to appreciate and celebrate my partner and friend, Erin Hogan. She has been a pillar of the growth and sustenance of this dream. Since she has come on board, we have been able to establish a vocational institute where we offer vocational training to youth who would otherwise not be able to afford it. We have also been able to develop a weekly community program where we meet with over a hundred youth in a space that promotes talent development, discipleship and life coaching. We have also partnered with the Mukono Municipal Council in an effort to keep Mukono “clean and green” through monthly community service projects.

“I would also like to recognize that without Worship Harvest Ministries and our donors all over the world this dream would never be possible.

“I feel deeply honoured and humbled to among the recipients of a Points of Light award. It has really encourage me and will surely propel Petros Zoe Initiative to a higher level.”

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