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The Owen McVeigh Foundation

852. Joanne McVeigh
853. Mark McVeigh

Joanne and Mark McVeigh, from Liverpool, co-founded ‘The Owen McVeigh Foundation’ in memory of their son, who passed away last year after being diagnosed with leukaemia.

Inspired by Owen’s favourite football team, Liverpool FC, the Foundation was established to enrich the lives of children with terminal illness, giving opportunities for them to attend football matches, concerts and other unique experiences. With close support from Liverpool FC, Joanne and Mark helped to create football shirts featuring Owen’s name to fundraise for sick children in Merseyside, and received over 13,500 requests for the shirt in five days.

Joanne and Mark received their award in a presentation by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and the Liverpool FC Squad on a visit to ‘Alder Hey Children’s Hospital’ in Liverpool, the hospital where Joanne works and Owen was treated.

In a personal letter to Joanne and Mark, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘The Owen McVeigh Foundation’, you have both brought joy to the lives of children and their families across Merseyside who are going through incredibly difficult circumstances. You have responded to a personal tragedy with remarkable resilience, and you should feel very proud of the transformational effect the foundation is having on children diagnosed with a terminal illness.”

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