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Out in Oxford

795. Clara Barker

Dr Clara Barker, from Oxford, is a role model for queer youth in her local area and instrumental in promoting the 'Out in Oxford' trail.

Clara led the promotion of the ‘Out in Oxford’ project during this year’s LGBT+ History Month, a specially commissioned trail highlighting LGBT+ related objects in the collections of museums across the city. The project found objects in collections that related to the transgender community in order to raise awareness of the role of non-binary genders in centuries of art, history, and culture.  

Clara is also the Vice-President and Advisor for Oxford University’s LGBT+ advisory group and volunteers as a ‘Stonewall’ school role model, working with local youth groups ‘My Normal’ in Oxford, and ‘Topaz’ in Abingdon to educate and support their members.  

In a personal letter to Clara, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your tireless volunteer work with LGBT+ groups across Oxford is educating young people and members of the public in the importance of diversity and different identities. You are a positive role model for the community and you should be proud of your ongoing work in transgender education and support.”

Clara said:

Society here in the UK is becoming more accepting, but trans and LGBT+ issues are still often misunderstood, given how fast thoughts and terms are changing. If I can help improve understanding then I think that is worth my time. In addition, young people still need safe spaces to learn how to be themselves as well as role models to show what they can achieve. I am very lucky to work with so many other great volunteers and young people here in Oxford, who push me to be my best and do what I can to make society a better place. I hope this award inspires others to get involved.” 


The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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