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Number Champions

2015. Bernard Manson

In 2018, Bernard Manson, of North London, founded ‘Number Champions’, a charity now working in over 25 primary schools across the capital to help children improve their numeracy skills. At least half the children are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Bernard and his colleagues wanted to help transform the lives of primary school children who struggle with numeracy or lack confidence in maths. The charity has a team of volunteers who provide one-on-one tutorials with children to help them master key concepts, gain confidence and engage more with classroom lessons. 

‘Number Champions’ has so far helped over 750 students, and evaluations have shown a beneficial impact on children’s educational development, with considerable progress in actual maths skills, a more positive attitude towards learning maths and greater self-confidence.  

Researchers at Queen Mary University are working in collaboration with ‘Number Champtions’ to evaluate the programme.

The charity’s long-term vision is to scale up to a national level to help as many children as possible.

In a personal letter to Bernard, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“I want to thank you for your inspiring work helping young people improve their numeracy through your charity, ‘Number Champions’.

“I share your belief that we must do everything we can to equip our young people with these vital skills for life.

“So it is fantastic to learn how, together with your dedicated team of volunteers, you have already given tutorials to more than 760 children in primary schools across London.”

Bernard said:

“I am thrilled that Number Champions has been recognised with a Points of Light award.  Children have to acquire basic numeracy at a young age in order to develop a toolkit for everyday life. Primary schools do a wonderful job teaching maths, but inevitably some children need extra help to make the jump to being confident learners.  

“Our vision is that our model of supporting children in maths will become as widespread as the established model for supporting literacy – and make a real positive impact for children across the country.

“On behalf of all our volunteers, our trustees, and the schools with which we partner – thank you for recognising our efforts at this early stage.”

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