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Not Just Tourists Canada

Commonwealth Point of Light 93. Ken and Denise Taylor

Dr Ken and Denise Taylor, from Ontario, founded ‘Not Just Tourists’ in 1990, an organisation whose 1,500 volunteers deliver essential medical supplies to over 625 international clinics in 82 countries around the world.

Ken and Denise Taylor

After experiencing first-hand Cuba’s medical supply shortage, Ken and Denise began to take suitcases filled with supplies to remote areas during their travels. Almost 30 years later, Ken and Denise have inspired an army of volunteers across Canada, the US and the UK and have delivered over 10,000 suitcases of 520,000 lbs of medical equipment, including bandages, antiseptic and gloves. 2018 was the project’s most successful year to date, supplying 140,000 lbs of medical equipment to humanitarian projects across the world.

Susan le Jeune d’Allegeershecque CMG, UK High Commissioner to Canada, said:
“It is truly inspiring to see how Dr. Ken and Denise Taylor’s act of compassion nearly 30 years ago has motivated travellers across the globe to help those in need. Their work with the ‘Not Just Tourists’ project has changed the lives of thousands, and serves as a reminder that even a simple gesture can make a resounding impact. I look forward to presenting them with this well-deserved award and hearing more about the volunteers responsible for the project’s on-going success.”

Dr Ken and Denise Taylor said:
“We are grateful to have received this recognition and we humbly accept it on behalf of over fifty volunteers who work with us to supply needed medical supplies to medical professionals in over eighty countries.”

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