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Northern Bootcamp

1437. Caroline Smith
1438. Dan Smith

Caroline and Dan Smith, from Northumberland, have been keeping key workers fit during lockdown by offering 23 free fitness sessions a week between 7am and 6pm to cater for all key worker shifts.

Caroline and Dan Smith

Caroline and Dan have been running ‘Northern Bootcamp’ since 2011, helping people to get fit and lose weight, and during lockdown have made all their regular workout sessions virtual to enable their community to keep up with exercise.

In a personal letter to Caroline and Dan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was so uplifted to hear of the fantastic online bootcamp classes which you have been running to bring fitness and fun to the wonderful men and women who have kept our country going.

“They may not have enjoyed every moment of your gruelling workouts, but I know they have appreciated your kindness in providing them!

“So I am delighted to be able to recognise your service to others by naming you as the UK’s 1437th and 1438th Points of Light.”

Caroline and Dan said:

“We feel honoured and thrilled to receive this award from the Prime Minister’s office in recognition of our online fitness classes that were designed to help keep the nation fit and active. We’d like to dedicate it to all our loyal bootcampers and to all the NHS staff and key workers who have worked tirelessly to keep us all safe. It has been an absolute pleasure to help them with our free online fitness classes throughout this year’s Covid-19 crisis. At ‘Northern Bootcamp’, we love being able to help change people’s lives and inspire them to get fitter and healthier. It is a real privilege to help clients transform their lives. We are really excited to be able to re-open our bootcamp gates once again from this September but we plan to keep our online classes going as well as they have helped so many of our campers, key workers and NHS frontline staff stay fit and active over the last four months.”

Photo credit: Sue Todd Photography

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