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No More Taboo

1731. Chloe Tingle

Chloe Tingle, from Devon, is a leading period poverty and menstrual health campaigner dedicated to challenging misconceptions and taboo around menstruation and empower people to be more period-friendly.

Chloe Tingle

Through her organisation ‘No More Taboo’, Chloe reached over 1,300 people through its events, stopping 1.18 million disposable products from going to landfill, and saving their users £316,000 by switching to reusable period products. Following this success, she has since wound down work with ‘No More Taboo’ to focus on leaving a legacy for other organisations working in the menstrual health field, and helping develop a new volunteer programme Transitioneers with the ‘Nest SW‘, training volunteers in Devon to go into schools to deliver menstrual wellbeing education. All of the research, resources and training developed through ‘No More Taboo’ remains open access, and Chloe continues to provide guidance and mentoring for others wanting to work on tackling period poverty.

In a personal letter to Chloe, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“You have supported thousands of girls and women and prevented an incredible 1.8 million disposable products going to landfill. More than that, you have given thousands of women access to healthy, hygienic care items and challenged misconceptions.”

In response to receiving the award, Chloe said:

“What a pleasant surprise to be nominated for this award! Volunteering is so important, being generous with your time, knowledge and energy is incredibly rewarding, whether up a mountain in Nepal or down the road in my local school – I have met so many inspiring people and it’s taken me in so many different directions. So I would like to thank all the amazing people who’ve worked alongside me along the way. Being able to bring together a group of people over a shared cause, in my case breaking down taboos about periods, is a privilege. I have seen first hand the amazing things that can be achieved by bringing together a group of people (especially young women!) and giving them the support and encouragement to fight for what they believe in. One of my current goals is to help as many small organisations as possible harness the immense power of volunteers.”

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