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Neuro Kinetics Club

2150. Harris Frazer

Harris Frazer, from Manchester, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 55, and after finding out regular exercise could help slow the progression of conditions like his, set up ‘Neuro Kinetics Club’.

Following his diagnosis, Harris initially joined a local exercise class, but during the pandemic, the classes had to stop and eventually relocated.  Harris wanted to continue with exercise, while helping others, and was inspired to set up the ‘Neuro Kinetics Club’, the first of its kind in Manchester. The group offers twice weekly exercise sessions with trained specialists, for people with a range of neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, MS and dementia. The sessions are designed to be fun, yet challenging, covering a range of techniques including boxing and flexibility, with separate sessions for men and women on offer. 

The club will soon be opening a coffee club, that coincides with class times, to offer an informal support group for carers and are also looking to take on more trainers to accommodate the increasing popularity of the classes. 

Harris has also been heavily involved within the Manchester Jewish community and played a key role in the organisation of ‘Shabbat UK’ in Manchester, the largest mass participation event for the Jewish Community in the UK. 

Harris said:

“I feel honoured and humbled in equal measure to receive this award. I can only say that in truth, it is a recognition of every member of our outstanding team, from my wife Debra to all the volunteers and trainers who have given unsparingly of their time and know-how to this venture. This may be a small scale community initiative but it has a huge impact on its participants and is also a reminder of what a committed group of volunteers can achieve together.”

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