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Nanny Louenna Ukraine Appeal

1901. Louenna Hood

Louenna Hood, from Newmarket, is a Norland nanny and maternity nurse who has fundraised over £160,000 through online auctions for Ukrainian children and families fleeing to Poland and Moldova from the Russian invasion.

Louenna Hood

Acting quickly after the war began, Louenna has opened up her family home to donations, collecting essential child and baby items such as nappies, medicines, baby wipes, travel cots and clothes and blankets. Partnering with a local haulage company, Louenna has been able to transport goods directly to families in need and refugees based at the Ukrainian border.

In a personal letter to Louenna, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: 

“I am lost in admiration for the way in which the British public has responded to the brutal invasion of Ukraine.

From community groups to sports clubs and businesses, everyone in the UK has been united in their support for the Ukrainian people. Which is why, today, I would like to express my thanks to you for encouraging your local community to be involved in raising over £150,000 for children and families fleeing to Poland.”

Matt Hancock, Louenna’s local MP for West Suffolk, said:

“Louenna has been inspirational – from coming up with her idea to help Ukrainian families fleeing to Poland and Moldova, to raising such a substantial amount of money to organising the logistics. This is volunteering in the best sense of the word and Louenna thoroughly deserves the Points of Light award. I am wishing Louenna well with her continued efforts to help the Ukrainian people – it is a dreadful situation, but Louenna is making a difference.”

Louenna said:

“I’m honoured and delighted to receive this award. I would never have been able to achieve everything we have over the past month without everyone’s generosity and kindness – my friends, family and neighbours have all been incredible with their support and I’m just so happy we have been able to help a small proportion of those who are suffering this devastating war.”

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