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My Mental Health

1114. Charlie Claydon

Charlie Claydon, from London, is the founder of ‘My Mental Health’, an online platform for learning more about mental wellbeing and providing a safe space for users to share personal experiences of their mental health.

Charlie Claydon

Based on his own experiences of anxiety throughout childhood, Charlie was inspired to create the website to provide a hub of information that could benefit other people. ‘My Mental Health’ gives access to short and long term professional advice, including details such as nutritional advice to support mental health and how to access GP services, which avoids using medical jargon. The online platform has over 10,000 annual users, and Charlie has been recognised for his work with a British Citizen Award. Charlie’s award coincides with ‘Time To Talk’ mental health awareness day.

In a personal letter to Charlie, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“The advice and resources you share on ‘My Mental Health’ is providing invaluable support to thousands of people who are struggling with mental health difficulties. By drawing on your own experiences of anxiety throughout childhood, you are helping others to confront their own problems, and should feel very proud of how you are reducing the stigma that is so often attached to talking about mental health.”

Charlie said:

“I am really grateful for the recognition. Being awarded with a Points of Light award is an absolute honour. When I launched ‘My Mental Health’ from my bedroom all those years ago, I hoped that at least one person would benefit from me sharing my lived experience with mental health. I am happy to say that so many people have benefited, and then gone on to support others. My work with ‘My Mental Health’ led me to create a social enterprise ‘The Well-Bean Company’. We make plant-based chocolate from bean to bar, and use profits to support mental health projects like the one I launched with ‘My Mental Health’. I feel very privileged to join the list of incredible people that have received the Points light award before me. Thank you.”

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