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My Bump Pay

1647. Tobi Asare

Tobi Asare, from London, is the founder of ‘My Bump Pay’, a 17,000 strong online community platform designed to support women through the maternity process in the workplace.

Tobi Asare

Tobi launched the platform in 2018 following her own experience of being the first person in her office location to go through the maternity process, and wanting to help other mothers and mums-to-be feel empowered in achieving their career and family goals. ‘My Bump Pay’ aims to make information on maternity leave more accessible and promote women progressing in their careers without feeling penalised by pregnancy. It provides resources helping women prepare for maternity leave and return to office, managing finances and processes around maternity pay, as well as general support with sustaining careers. Tobi also hosts online masterclasses with female leaders and manages a directory of organisations to allow women to compare maternity packages at different workplaces. The Coronavirus pandemic and work from home restrictions has seen membership of the platform hugely increase, with thousands of people connecting and sharing experiences with one another.

In a personal letter to Tobi, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was inspired to hear about ‘My Bump Pay’ and the digital community you have created to help women in the workplace.

“With now over 17,000 members your platform is a wealth of peer support and information for women on maternity leave. It is a fantastic example of how technology can bring people together for the greater good.”

Tobi said:

“I am absolutely delighted to have received this incredibly special spotlight award. I’m so fortunate to have built a community of incredible women and it’s my honour that I get to support and help them through their journeys of working motherhood.”

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