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Mums United

1749. Sahira Irshad

Sahira Irshad, from Sheffield, founded the organisation ‘Mums United’ in response to rising gang violence in the city to help protect women.

Sahira Irshad

The group is entirely led by mothers and young people and Sahira delivers knife and gun prevention training, advocacy services for young people who have experienced gang violence. Sahira also runs the ‘Mums Charitable Bank’ which provides food, toys and clothing to vulnerable families, which has recently included refugees from Afghanistan who have arrived in Sheffield.

In a personal letter to Sahira, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“There is no greater role model than a parent and so it is wonderful that local mums have come together in Sheffield to keep children safe.

“‘Mums United’ provides a vital safe space for young people where they can learn about knife and gun prevention and start to make positive changes in their lives.

“I was inspired to learn about your other venture – ‘Mums’ Charitable Bank’ – through which you have provided food, toys and clothing to vulnerable families, including newly arrived Afghan families. The families you are helping will never forget the welcome you have shown to them.”

Sahira said:

“We are shocked, surprised and very overwhelmed. As mothers we strive to do the best we can to create positive pathways for the vulnerable and this award really does lift our morale as the whole team have been working tirelessly to juggle the two different elements of our organisation.

“On the one hand we have been working hard to ensure programmes are delivered at our community based clubs and on the hand we have been ensuring the donations received for the Afghan families are sorted, packed and distributed.

“Thank you so much for the acknowledgment!”

Pictured above: Sahira (left) with her fellow trustee Dr Shahd Salah

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