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Mummy’s Star

1031. Pete Wallroth

Pete Wallroth, from Derbyshire, is the founder of ‘Mummy’s Star’, the only charity dedicated to helping pregnant women and their partners who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Pete Wallroth

The charity was set up in 2013 after Pete lost his wife Mair to cancer soon after the birth of their second child, and it now supports over 500 families in the UK and Ireland. One in 1,000 pregnancies see a diagnosis of cancer and Pete’s aim is to raise awareness amongst the public and medical professionals of the difficulties these women face. The charity supports pregnant women and their families through online forums, peer support, and small grants that can be used to pay for child care, travel costs, and family holidays.

In a personal letter to Pete, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By providing guidance, grants and peer support to pregnant women who have been diagnosed with cancer, you are helping them and their families to cope during an incredibly difficult time. Your work with Mummy’s Star is a truly remarkable way of honouring Mair’s memory and you should be proud of everything you have achieved with the charity.”

Ruth George, Pete’s local MP for High Peak, said:

“I am delighted that Pete is being recognised with this award. He and ‘Mummy’s Star’ do exceptional work supporting women and their families affected by cancer during pregnancy or within 12 months after giving birth.”

Pete said:

“When ‘Mummy’s Star’ was established 5 years ago it was with the aim of ensuring no woman faced a cancer diagnosis in or around pregnancy feeling isolated as my wife Mair did. The work to be recognised with a Points of Light award is not only hugely encouraging because it shows what we’re doing is far reaching but personally very humbling and feels like a wonderful tribute to my wife and what she went through.”

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