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Midland Langar Seva Society

878. Randhir Singh Heer
879. Parmjit Singh Bahyia

Randhir Singh Heer and Parmjit Singh Bahyia, from Walsall, co-founded the ‘Midland Langar Seva Society’ in 2013, a Sikh charity which provides 12,000 free meals a week to homeless people.

The organisation is based on the Sikh principle of ‘dasvand’, which involves giving 10% of your time and earnings to help those less fortunate. Their team of 500 volunteers purchase food and make free hot meals that they offer to local homeless people, whilst encouraging members of the public to donate food, kitchen equipment and their time to the cause. Since launching the charity in Walsall, the organisation has provided one million hot meals to homeless people in 17 locations around the UK as well as internationally, in India and Germany.

In a personal letter to Randhir, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“You and Parmjit have both shown tremendous innovation and commitment to helping some of society’s most vulnerable citizens. By providing hot meals and vital support in over 17 different towns and cities around the UK, as well as abroad, your work with the ‘Midland Langar Seva Society’ is supporting the lives of thousands of homeless people across the world.”

Randhir said:

“To be considered for a Points  of Light Award is a great honour and privilege, for which I am truly humbled, and would like to thank the Prime Minister for the recognition. I sincerely hope that we can inspire others to join us in the mission of ‘MLSS’ to serve humanity and help those in need.”

In a personal letter to Parmjit, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through the ‘Midland Langar Seva Society’, you have given one million hot meals to homeless people living around the world. Your tireless volunteering work is making a real difference to disadvantaged members of society, particularly in Walsall, while promoting the concept of dasvand.”

Parmjit said:

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister in recognising me for the Points of Light Award. I feel truly honoured and a great sense of pride in achieving such an award.”

Watch a BBC Midlands report on Randhir’s and Parmjit’s work in their community

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