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Macy’s Rainbows

1431. Macy Owen

Macy Owen, aged 9, from Warrington, has raised over £10,000 to buy treats and care packages for NHS staff and patients at Warrington Hospital by selling her handmade beaded rainbows.

Macy Owen

Over 5,500 people have joined her Facebook group to place orders for a rainbow from Macy, or showcase their own creations, and Macy has received donations of supplies or vouchers from companies including Coca-Cola, Heinz and Pizza Hut.

In a personal letter to Macy, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Every day I thank someone in our country for doing something really special – and today that person is you!

“When I see the beautiful rainbows decorating Downing Street, I am reminded of our love for the NHS and our hope and optimism for the future. I will be delighted to add yours to the collection!

“Your rainbows have raised so much money to buy treats for NHS staff and patients in Warrington and I want to recognise your brilliance and kindness by making you the UK’s 1431st Point of Light.”

Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South, said:

“Macy’s determination to help others is a shining example to us all, her rainbows have really captured interest and brightened so many homes. The money being raised makes a huge difference to the staff and patients at Warrington Hospital so I thank Macy and her family for their incredible efforts.”

Macy said:

“I’m really happy to receive this award from the Prime Minister and I want to carry on helping people by making my rainbows.”

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