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Loving homes for labradors

368. Wendy Hopewell

Helping East Midlands Labrador Rescue find loving homes for labradors.

Wendy Hopewell, 46, from Nottingham was inspired by her love of dogs to set up the charity ‘Team Edward’ in May 2013, in memory of her dog. Through her charity, Wendy promotes humane behaviour towards labradors by providing care, protection, treatment and security for those dogs in need of care. They use regular kennels and they provide the funding.

Wendy’s ‘Team Edward’ has never turned away a dog in need. Wendy has inspired seven volunteers to join her cause – all help with the day-to-day running of the charity and help organise the fundraising events.  Wendy first raised £6,000 in a Cost2Coast cycle challenge in 2013 and has continued fundraising ever since, raising £16,000 last year for her “Paw de France” challenge – cycling from Paris to Nottingham. She raised a further £15,000 this August by climbing the three peaks and cycling the 450 miles between them.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Wendy has shown incredible compassion in her work to rescue unwanted dogs. Not only has she undertaken amazing feats for her fundraising activities, she has inspired those around her to rally to the cause and volunteer for Team Edward. I am delighted to be recognising her as the UK’s 268th Point of Light today.”

 Wendy said:

“I am truly honoured to hear about my award. I still am in shock to think that the Prime Minister has been informed about the wonderful work Team Edward does. None of this is done for recognition, just my pure passion and love for the Labrador breed. After losing my lovely Labrador Lawrence in 2011, I decided to work on setting up Team Edward in his memory.”

Local MP, Gloria De Piero, said:

“It’s brilliant to see people like Wendy, who do so much good work in and around our community, get the recognition she deserves. I’m delighted she’s got this award and I hope it will highlight her work and that of the charity. Well done.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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