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Lochlan’s Legacy

2082. Lochlan Murdoch

Lochlan Murdoch, aged 14, from Ayrshire, founded ‘Lochlan’s Legacy’ in 2020 to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes in young people playing sport.

Diagnosed with diabetes aged 4, football fan Lochlan found there wasn’t enough being done in grassroots football to support players living with diabetes. 

The main aim of the charity is to ensure children living with type 1 diabetes feel able to play the sport of their choice and live like any other young person, alongside attempting to reduce the stigma around the condition and raise awareness. 

Lochlan’s charity is now working in partnership with various teams within the Scottish Football Association to roll out awareness training to both local and professional teams, also offering awareness workshops to coaches and referees. Lochlan’s family hope this will help parents feel more confident that organisers will know how to deal with any potential issues relating to type 1 diabetes. 

In addition, the charity is running a campaign for young people aged 12-18 to get involved in their volunteer programme. The ‘T1D and Me – Giving Youth a Voice’ project aims to highlight the voices of young people so that their opinions can inform future strategies and goals for the diabetes charity.

In a personal letter to Lochlan, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“Having lived with type 1 diabetes since you were four years old, you know all too well the challenges it can bring to doing the things, like playing football, that you love.

“So it is fantastic how ‘Lochlan’s Legacy’ is helping young people all over Scotland with the same condition find support in playing sport. It is really impressive how you are working with the Scottish Football Association to further raise awareness about type 1 diabetes in both grassroots and professional football clubs.

Your hard work and dedication is making a real difference to the lives of young people across Scotland.” 

Lochlan’s mother, Lesley, said:

“We are all so proud of Lochlan and all his work with ‘Lochlan’s Legacy’. He is determined to make a difference for people, like him, living with type 1 diabetes. His dedication, determination and passion to strive every day to make a difference is simply incredible and to be doing all this at such a young age is something that we are all so proud of. He is extremely grateful and humbled to receive this award and would like to pass on his sincere thanks. Who knows what the future will hold but with young people like Lochlan who are determined to make a difference in Britain, we are certain it will be bright.”

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