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Litter Kickers

2113. Danny Eisawy
2114. Jojo Eisawy

Danny and Jojo Eisawy, aged 13 and 11, from Kent, are known as the ‘Litter Kickers’, having picked up over 1,000 bags of litter in their town of Tonbridge in the past five years.

The two brothers were inspired to start their movement in 2019, after noticing the impact of litter on the environment, which has since included responding to a rise in littering during the pandemic and completing daily litter picks during Ramadan. To raise awareness of the issue, and to encourage others to pick up litter, they document their journey through social media and have also organised group litter picks.

The pair have recently started a Litter Ripple campaign based across 260 streets in Tonbridge, encouraging residents to get involved and spreading a wave of environmental action across the town.

In a personal letter to Danny and Jojo, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“When I heard about the fantastic work you are doing to clean up your local area, I wanted to write to thank you.

“Through your ‘Litter Kickers’ campaign, you have now picked up an astonishing 1,000 bags of litter in Tonbridge. You are doing such important work, protecting wildlife and keeping bottles and cans out of your rivers and parks. And your ‘Litter Ripple’ campaign is making huge waves by encouraging more and more people to get involved.”

Congratulating Danny and Jojo on their award, Tom Tugendhat, Danny and Jojo’s local MP for Tonbridge and Malling, said: 

“Danny and Jojo have been a wonderful part of a fantastic committed effort to clean up our town for years and they deserve this recognition. They have been an example to many and worked wonders with those of us who care about keeping Tonbridge tidy. I am pleased they have been awarded the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award and congratulate them on all they have done to receive it.”

Danny and Jojo said:

“Wow, this is such exciting news and we are thrilled to hear that we have been awarded a Point of Light Award from the Prime Minister. We’re very proud of where we live and always do what we can to look after our town, improve it and keep Tonbridge free from litter. We always enjoy thinking up interesting and creative ways to let others know what we do and why it’s important, and we have a lot of support locally for our different litter-picking missions and challenges. It’s wonderful to be given this recognition, although as well the biggest reward is knowing the wildlife is safe and the rivers and parks aren’t being ruined by plastic bottles and cans.”

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