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Litter Collector Crew

970. Elizabeth Gadsdon

Elizabeth Gadsdon, from Wirral, is a seven year old environmental campaigner who has created the ‘Little Collector Crew’, a dedicated team of children and parent litter pickers.

Elizabeth Gadsdon

Elizabeth was inspired to act after she saw someone carelessly throw rubbish out their car window. She launched a social media campaign to recruit members to her crew, posting pictures of herself picking up litter every day after school. In Elizabeth’s latest campaign she is working with businesses to persuade them to change from single use plastic straws. She is delivering paper straws to local cafes and has convinced four businesses to make a permanent switch.

Elizabeth will receive her award from Councillor Geoffrey Watt, Mayor of Wirral (pictured below).

Elizabeth Gadsdon receiving her award from the Mayor of Wirral

In a personal letter to Elizabeth, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your hard work with your ‘Little Collector Crew’ is helping to protect the environment and keep your local area clean. You should be very proud of achieving so much with your volunteering, particularly at such a young age.”

Councillor Geoffrey Watt, Mayor of Wirral, said:

“This is a well-deserved award for one of Wirral’s most inspirational younger residents. Elizabeth sets a fantastic example to people of all ages that, by each taking responsibility, we can, together, make a big difference to where we live.”

Elizabeth said:

“I want to help make Wirral a better place for everyone. I pick litter up to protect our wildlife and oceans and to make the planet look like how it should. In April 2017 I saw a man throw litter out of his car window, this really upset me, so I had to do something about it and teach people to stop dropping litter.

“I have helped the staff at Birkenhead Park by creating a ‘Little Collector Crew’ there to show everyone that children really care about our world… it is ours to look after.

“I have 3 main missions: to learn more about recycling, to reduce my family’s household litter and to avoid single-use plastic and educate other people. My secret mission is to help make Wirral plastic straw free! Together we can make a difference.”

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