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Let’s Talk About Loss

1035. Beth Rowland

Beth Rowland, from Nottingham, founded ‘Let's Talk About Loss’, the UK's first support network for bereaved young people aged 16-30.

Beth Rowland

After losing her mother at the age of just 20, Beth sought to find other bereaved young people to help her cope with her sudden grief. Beth was unable to find young people who would speak about death, with the only support groups available being aimed at older people. In response, Beth was inspired to fill this gap and set up the first peer-led support network for young people. Working to encourage young people to talk honestly and openly about grief at monthly meet-ups in cities across the UK, Beth aims to challenge the taboo of speaking about death. To ensure she could support as many young people as possible across the country, Beth also created a website to provide online advice for like-minded young people to find support from those who are also struggling with grief and mental ill health. Following these experiences Beth is passionate about supporting the younger generations to cope with grief, and recently featured in a BBC3 documentary discussing how younger generations ability to cope impacts society.

In a personal letter to Beth, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘Let’s Talk About Loss’ you have responded to a personal tragedy by creating a tremendous force for good. Your tireless work creating the first peer-led support network for grieving young people is helping to ensure that they have a safe space where they can discuss their loss with others who understand the pain of losing a loved one.”

Beth said:

“I am thrilled to receive a Points of Light award for my work setting up and running ‘Let’s Talk About Loss’. We are the UK’s only support organisation for young adults who have been bereaved, and having experienced bereavement myself, I am only too aware of the importance of support and friendship for young adults struggling with grief. Losing someone close to you can be a confusing, isolating and upsetting time, and with the current crisis in this country with young people and mental health issues, I am passionate about showing young people who have been bereaved that they are not alone. I hope to continue volunteering in this way for many years and to increase the work done by ‘Let’s Talk About Loss’ so that one day we might reach every bereaved young person in the country.”

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