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Let’s Do It Mozambique

Commonwealth Point of Light 71. Carlos Serra

Carlos Serra, representing Mozambique, is an environmental activist and leader of ‘Let’s Do It Mozambique’, as part of a global network dedicated to protecting the environment.

Carlos Serra

Every year, 8 million tons of waste is added to our oceans with 80% of this being mainland waste. To help tackle this, Carlos decided to share his knowledge as an environmental lawyer and become one of Mozambique’s leading environmental activists, working with charities and civil society to change local attitudes to waste and recycling. As part of this he has extended the litter picking event ‘World Clean Up Day’ to every province in Mozambique. Over 100,000 people have pledged to take part in this year’s event, including all schools in Nampula and 100 locations in the capital city of Maputo.

Carlos was joined on a clean-up by UK High Commissioner in Mozambique, NneNne Iwuji-eme, who presented him with his award (pictured above and below).

NneNne Iwuji-eme, UK High Commissioner in Mozambique, said:

“Carlos is a worthy recipient of this award. For the last three years he has worked with passion, energy and determination to not only raise awareness of environmental issues like the scourge of plastics on Mozambique shores, but to also inspire real action amongst his fellow Mozambicans, including children, to make a difference! His ‘World Clean Up Day’ attracts 100,000 strong participants across the country. He is an inspiration and a true light.”

Carlos said:

“The first reaction was a reaction of deep surprise. I wasn’t expecting it. For me it was in fact one of those news that took me some time to digest and believe. I was very happy. The second reaction was one of great happiness because it is a recognition of a job we are all doing, a collective work. We could never have done what we have done so far without this team of many young volunteers. It is no longer just Maputo, many provinces have joined and thus we clearly see that unity is strength!”

Carlos Serra Commonwealth Point of Light for Mozambique organising a beach clean up

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