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Commonwealth Point of Light 30. Bonga Mzini

Reverend Bonga Mzini representing Lesotho, is a religious leader working with other faith based leaders to facilitate the ‘Channels of Hope for Child Protection’ and fundraise for student bursaries.

Bonga Mzini

Bonga helps feed 330 vulnerable and orphaned children and facilitates a number of training models for faith leaders and Sunday school teachers in over 50 churches to equip faith leaders with necessary knowledge & skills to address the relevant challenges faced by the community. Working with other relevant community stakeholders such as local chiefs, police, non-profit organisation such as ‘World Vision’, teachers and counsellors, Reverend Bonga Mzini helps to ensure the wellbeing of communities in his area of Mount Moorosi.

The award for Reverend Bonga Mzini will be presented on 14 March at ‘Kick4Life’ in Maseru, Lesotho during a Commonwealth Big Lunch by Nigel Casey MVO, UK High Commissioner to the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Reverend Bonga Mzini said:

“This recognition is surely a true witness to the Word of God which states that a man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. I am very humbled by the extreme scale of this recognition which comes while serving God
deep in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. This has God’s fingerprints all over it. Therefore my deepest wish and desire is that one day, He will also proudly say, ‘Well done my faithful servant!’ It is all for His Glory. Thank you once again, I am
determined to continue serving as a faithful steward.”

Nigel Casey MVO, UK High Commissioner to Lesotho said:

“Congratulations to Reverend Bonga on receiving this recognition for the wonderful work that he is doing in Lesotho. Through patient engagement with his community, bringing together faith leaders, and engaging with NGOs, he has campaigned for a more peaceful community, where violence against women and children is not accepted. Well done Reverend Bonga on being Lesotho’s Point of Light.”

Below: Bonga Mzini receiving his award from Nigel Casey MVO

Bonga Mzini with Nigel Casey

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