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Language Creates Reality

1519. Rebecca Hulbert

Rebecca Hulbert launched ‘Language Creates Reality’ - a series of information cards for healthcare professionals on correct, positive language to use when talking to parents about Down’s Syndrome, such as using person first language.

Rebecca Hulbert

Rebecca created this series after the birth of her son, who has Down’s Syndrome, working in partnership with design studio ‘Bear and Pear’, and receiving support from the ‘Down’s Syndrome Association’ who have included the cards in their Tell It Right information pack. The success of the cards has led to them being translated into 11 languages to now launch internationally. The cards have been widely shared by healthcare professionals and educators and are free for all people to download, use and share.

In a personal letter to Rebecca, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I want to thank you for the way you have opened the nation’s eyes to how we talk about children with Down Syndrome. With your information cards for clinicians, you are shaping the conversation around Down Syndrome and making sure that people understand the power of their words.

“It is a wonderful way to ensure that families across the country receive positive care and support.”

Rebecca said:

“I am honoured to have my work on the campaign ‘Language Creates Reality’ recognised in these awards. I have always believed strongly in the power of community action to make positive change and since the campaign’s launch I have personally witnessed this positive shift firsthand. Just a few minutes thinking about the language we use in our daily lives can have a lifetime impact on the quality of another person’s existence. Positive inclusion for all in our society is not only crucial, it benefits everyone.

“I want to credit and thank three people who were an integral part of the campaign. My friends and designers Charlotte and Paul from the design studio Bear and Pear, and my partner Thom, who have all been working alongside me throughout the creation, production and distribution of the campaign.

“It is only through sharing the campaign that the great opportunity for positive change exists. So, most importantly, thank you to all the people who have shared it and to all the people who will read this and go on to share it. Together we have the power to make a positive difference…”

Pictured below: some of the cards created by Rebecca (photo credit: Thom Axom)

Language Creates Reality

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