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Landscape Gardener Turning Decorations Into Gifts

2225. Reese Fletcher

Reese Fletcher, from Leeds, is a landscape gardener who has made over 2,000 Christmas tree decorations from leftover wood to sell in aid of vulnerable children at Christmas.

Reese first started making his garden decorations from spare fence panels in December 2020 as a way of using his skills and recycling unused material. With support from local timber companies who donate surplus wood, Reese and his team hand-craft the materials into decorative wooden Christmas trees and reindeer, which are then sold at farmers markets.  All of the profits raised go towards purchasing Christmas presents for vulnerable children in the local area. Reese works with the charity, ‘Forward Leeds’, to help distribute the gifts to those most in need, and has so far helped to donate £50,000 worth of gifts to children across the city.

In a personal letter to Reese, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“I am delighted to thank you for your inspirational Christmas fundraising project, making sure vulnerable children across Leeds are able to receive a present at Christmas time.

“It is testament not just to your compassion but also to your creativity that you have repurposed leftover wood to make Christmas decorations, to then sell in aid of buying presents for children.”

Reese said:

“I would just like to say thanks to whoever put me forward for this! I never set out doing this to deserve any reward, I just wanted to make a little difference to a few children’s Christmas day who would maybe normally go without, so being picked to take this award is mega!! 4 years ago we never thought nailing 100 little wooden trees in the back garden for £1000 would blow up so much and have raised 41kish in 4 years!!! I would also like to thank all my family, friends, supporters and followers, everyone who bought trees, the lads who worked with me free of charge to make this happen! You are all part of it and I appreciate every single one of you!!!”

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