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Ladies Tractor Road Run

810. Annie Chapman
811. John Chapman

Annie and John Chapman, from Norfolk, founded the ‘Ladies Tractor Road Run’ in 2004 to fundraise for ‘Cancer Research UK.’

Since they established the event, over 150 women a year drive 20-miles through the Norfolk countryside in pink, decorated tractors. They have raised over £527,000 for breast cancer research and have inspired hundreds of women to find sponsorship and learn to drive a donated tractor for the worthy cause. Annie’s effort has been recognised with a South Norfolk Council Community Award, as the event now draws large crowds throughout the route. She also received a British Empire Medal in 2014 for volunteering and since being awarded has continued to make significant fundraising progress.

In a personal letter to Annie and John, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Since establishing the ‘Ladies Tractor Road Run’ over a decade ago, you have raised an incredible £527,000 for breast cancer research and increased the visibility of the illness with a remarkably popular event in your local area. You should be tremendously proud of encouraging hundreds of women to volunteer their time in an original way for this worthy cause.”

Annie and John said: 

“The Prime Minister’s Points of Light award is a very special acknowledgment of all that the ‘Ladies’ Tractor Road Run’ has achieved over the last 14 years. More than anything, it is a valued salute to the team of people who underpin the event each year, to all the wonderful pink ladies and to all those who face the challenge of breast cancer.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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