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Kids Against Plastic

1001. Ella Meek
1002. Amy Meek

Ella and Amy Meek, from Nottingham, are a campaigning sister act who created ‘Kids Against Plastic’ to collect 100,000 pieces of single use plastic – one for every sea mammal killed by waste plastic each year.

Ella and Amy Meek

As well as being halfway to their total, the pioneering environmentalists aged 13 and 15 have persuaded their own high street to become ‘plastic clever’, with businesses dramatically reducing their use of plastics and rewarding customers who do the same. Not content with this success the sisters are now also working with schools, guide groups and their local council and have given a TEDX talk to spread their message far and wide. Their campaign has been discussed during a House of Commons debate by their MP Vernon Coaker and they have spoken to the Environmental Audit committee, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

In a personal letter to Ella and Amy, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your ‘Kids Against Plastic’ campaign is a fantastic example of how young people can lead vital efforts to protect the environment from plastic pollution.

“Your work is inspiring people across every generation to become ‘plastic clever’ and encourage others to take the simple steps needed to do the same.”

Vernon Coaker MP said:

“I am absolutely delighted that Amy and Ella Meek are receiving this award, they are a shining example to us all and their very important campaign ‘Kids Against Plastics’ continues to grow. Not only have they made a huge impact locally in Gedling but they have created a clearer understanding of the environmental effects of single-use plastic on an international scale. Their campaign has made people think and act differently and it has made a positive impact on reducing the flow of new plastic into the environment.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Amy and Ella and I look forward to working with them in the future, their work on the issues of plastic pollution with schools, councils, cafes, organisations and businesses is creating real change and helping to protect our environment for future generations. Congratulations Amy and Ella on this fantastic award.”

Ella said:

“Being a Point of Light is absolutely amazing. I am really excited because receiving an award from Theresa May is a huge honour and an incredible achievement. It is a pleasure to be among the extraordinary people that have received the award and to hear about all the other activists and passionate people in our country. It makes me feel really proud and happy about what we have accomplished with our campaign, and knowing that our work has been recognized is a truly wonderful feeling.”

Amy said:

“Receiving the Points of Light award is an absolute privilege. As a normal child just passionate about doing their bit for the environment and local community, having our work through ‘Kids Against Plastic’ recognised is an honour I never imagined getting. We never expect or await awards for our campaigning, as working towards something you’re passionate about is rewarding enough as it is, but receiving the Points of Light award is definitely a boost to keep us motivated and energised to continue our work against plastic pollution.”

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