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Kenyan Women’s Rights Activist

Commonwealth Point of Light 166. Sadia Hussein

Sadia Hussein, representing Kenya, is a women's rights activist and female genital mutilation (FGM) survivor who advocates for ending the practice.

Sadia Hussein

Alongside writing several books, and speaking on local and national platforms, Sadia is one of the founding members of ‘African Women’s Rights Advocates’, a survivor-led movement educating women on their rights.

Jane Marriott OBE, British High Commissioner to Kenya, said:

“My heartfelt congratulations to Sadia, a truly deserving winner of our 2021 Points of Light Award. From FGM survivor to tireless anti-FGM campaigner, her courage and leadership are an inspiration to us all.

“Sadia’s example, blending determination, openness and inclusivity, will be key to mobilising the grassroots support needed to help Kenya achieve its goal of ending domestic FGM by 2022.

“I can think of no better way to start 2021 – a year in which the UK and Kenya will co-chair the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Gender Based Violence – than to recognise this exceptional woman and her outstanding contribution to eradicating FGM and empowering girls across Kenya.”

Sadia said:

“It’s not about women competing for space with men; we are here for collaboration, to better our future and make society great for us all. Ending FGM is not just about ending the cut on the body. It’s about empowering the girl-child to access her rights, including education, so that she can contribute to the development agendas locally, nationally and internationally.

“This award is not only Sadia’s. This award is for all survivors who are really committed to say: ‘yes, I went through FGM, but not my daughter. FGM must end today’.”

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