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Kawaki Solomon Islands

Commonwealth Point of Light 130. Marilyn Gedi

Marilyn Gedi, representing the Solomon Islands, is the creator of ‘Kawaki’, a women’s group dedicated to conservation and rare turtle protection for the Arnavon Islands.

Marilyn Gedi

As the Solomon Islands’ first female police officer, Marilyn has inspired women across the provinces to unite and celebrate community conservation, raise awareness about the islands, build better futures for families and promote sustainable marine resource management. Marilyn’s innovation through the project has laid the foundations for conservation, inter-tribal cooperation and gender empowerment.

Marilyn said:

“I never expected this award, and it comes as such a surprise. I wanted our group KAWAKI to be a platform for raising women up. Our rural women now have a part in promoting communities, conservation and culture at The Arnavons. If it weren’t for all of the women I have worked with, this would never have happened, KAWAKI would not be, and this dream of our group KAWAKI would not have happened. This award is for all of KAWAKI.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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