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Kaul of the Wild

1346. Kabir Kaul

Kabir Kaul, from London, is a young conservationist and wildlife writer who created the first interactive map of the more than 1,000 nature reserves and designated wildlife spaces across London.

Kabir Kaul

Kabir’s passion for wildlife began at an early age, and he now maintains his own blog and online campaign ‘Kaul of the Wild’, which advocates for biodiversity and promoting accessibility to the capital’s green spaces. He has also spoken at conservation events across the city, including at London Wildlife Festival and at the Keeping It Wild (KIW) forum, an initiative for 11 to 25-year-olds managed by the Wildlife Trust.

In a personal letter to Kabir, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I know you do this with no thought of praise or reward, but allow me to offer my own recognition of how through ‘Kaul of the Wild’ you are inspiring others with your passion for our precious wildlife. Your interactive map of over 1,000 nature reserves unlocks a treasure trove of biodiversity in our glorious capital.”

Kabir said:

“I am honoured and truly overwhelmed that I have received a Points of Light Award. As an advocate for London’s biodiversity, I will continue to raise awareness of the fascinating wildlife we are lucky to have in the capital, through my writing and interactive map, as well as with the charities and volunteer groups that work tirelessly to preserve our urban green and blue spaces. I will keep encouraging everyone, young and old, to appreciate and protect the wildlife on their doorstep, and that the smallest difference they make will benefit their local ecosystem. In London, we have a vast array of habitats, from wet meadow to ancient woodland, and I shall continue to campaign for their protection. I am extremely grateful for this award, and hope that everyone will continue to get outside, and make a difference for the ‘Wild Side’ of London.”

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