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#iwill ambassador Getting the Message Across

1320. Ethan Mcinally

Ethan Mcinally, aged 20, is an #iwill ambassador who has developed an innovative project in Glasgow, 'Getting the Message Across', to educate young people on the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse, as well as the importance of positive mental health.

Ethan Mcinally

Ethan has created a series of interactive workshops alongside a short film which have received engagements from over 6,000 secondary school and primary school pupils in the city. As a voluntary football coach, he has also raised awareness by holding a football tournament with over 200 young participants, using the event to engage local youth groups and sports clubs on the consequences of substance abuse.

In a personal letter to Ethan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I know you do this with no thought of praise or reward, but allow me to offer my own recognition of how you are educating thousands of young people across Glasgow about the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse through your innovative, interactive workshops.”

Dr Rania Marandos, CEO of ‘Step Up To Serve’, which coordinates the #iwill campaign, said:

“At the #iwill campaign we know that young people have the energy, ideas and drive to create positive change across society. We are very pleased to see the Prime Minister recognising Ethan’s many achievements as a peer educator and coach. Social disadvantage is one of a number of pressing challenges the UK faces. In order to tackle such issues, young people must be empowered to lead real change with their communities – as Ethan has done. I hope this inspires organisations across sectors to support young people taking action, work with them as partners, and recognise their role as decision makers.”

Ethan said:

“I am extremely honoured to be receiving the Points of Light award from the Prime Minister. I am proud that by getting the message across regarding the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse I can contribute to helping my peers have a safer future by empowering them to make better informed decisions about using these substances. As a peer mentor I am convinced that fellow young people can make a difference in our futures and I hope I can inspire some of them to begin making their voices be heard. As an #iwill Ambassador I am privileged to now have a strong circle of peers who are trying to make a difference in our communities, as this campaign gives us the platform to do so.”

Picture credit: Charisse Kenion

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