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#iwill – advocating gender equality

836. Jenny Raw

Jenny Raw, aged 18, from Nottingham, has used her platform as a leading volunteer for the ‘National Council of Women Great Britain’ to engage young people in social action and advocate for gender equality in schools.

Following a speech earlier this year at the Annual Conference for the ‘National Council of Women’, she was invited to join the delegation at the ‘Commission on the Status of Women’ in New York, an annual conference at the UN. She has been featured by the Metro newspaper and has also written articles for the Huffington Post with the aim of increasing her audience. Jenny is an ambassador for the #iwill campaign.

In a personal letter to Jenny, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By volunteering for the ‘National Women’s Council of Great Britain’ to advocate for gender equality in schools, you are sending an inspiring message to young people across the UK. You should feel very proud of raising awareness of these issues and particularly for discussing gender equality on an international platform while at the United Nations. I wish you every success sharing this experience in your role as an #iwill ambassador.”

Jenny said:

​”​I feel very surprised and humbled to win this award. I am so pleased that the important role of civil society and voluntary work, in creating gender parity, is being recognised through the Points of Light Award, even just my small part in it. I am lucky to work with some very inspirational people and I would like to use this award as a way to encourage more young people to engage in social action to create a world in which it is no disadvantage to be a girl.​”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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