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Interfaith champion

613. Mohammed Sadeeq

Mohammed Sadeeq, from Brent, is the founder of an innovative and thriving Islamic Centre in the heart of North London.

Mohammed converted a disused church to create the centre in 1976. Since then, as Chair of Trustees, he has worked tirelessly to ensure the centre is a home for a diverse and vibrant community of worshippers, a centre for social action and a hub for interfaith work.

Mohammed has championed an interfaith soup kitchen which serves local people in need and has been rolled out across other faith institutions and a weekly social gathering which brings together around 200 people of all faiths and none.

In a personal letter to Mohammed, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your tremendous interfaith initiatives are bringing communities together, improving religious tolerance and helping London proudly remain one of the world’s most inclusive and diverse cities.”

Mohammed said:

“During my entire life, I have been blessed to be able to serve, help and support the community. I have established surgeries within the mosque providing medical, legal , career advice to everyone in need. I also organise Rumi’s Kitchen in the mosque, where it provides cooked and hot food, clothes for homeless people, people in need and for the multi-faith community. Also within the centre, I provide and serve food and tea for the multi-faith senior community. I am delighted to be offered this award.”

Mohammed’s local MP, Tulip Siddiq, said:

“Mohammed is an inspiration to so many in our area and fully merits the Points of Light award from the Prime Minister. His interfaith work has opened the lives and minds of hundreds of constituents, and the positive thinking behind his soup kitchen has been replicated across multiple boroughs. Rumi’s kitchen is an institution which I’m hugely proud to say belongs in Brent, and I want to wish Mr Sadeeq my sincerest congratulations for this deserved accolade.”


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