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Hunger Has No Religion India

Commonwealth Point of Light 187. Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi

Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi, representing India, aged 41, launched the #HungerHasNoReligion initiative through his NGO 'Sani Welfare Foundation', which has helped to feed over 1,500 people of all different faiths a day.

Azhar began by feeding an old disabled woman in his community, and this was soon expanded to include hospitals, underneath bridges, railway stations, and other public spaces where people living in poverty take refuge; ‘Sani Welfare Foundation’ now offers its food distribution services to six cities in India. 

Azhar also started the ‘Do Roti’ (meaning two roti bread) campaign, encouraging citizens in Hyderabad to carry extra food when they leave their homes to give to those in need. During the pandemic, he distributed food parcels to people living in poverty and opened several distribution counters across Hyderabad to ensure no-one goes hungry.

In response to receiving the award, Azhar said: 

“I thank the British Deputy High Commission of Hyderabad from the bottom of my heart for choosing me for a ‘Commonwealth Points of Light Award’. I am extremely delighted that the British Deputy High Commission have honoured me with this award, this will give me more motivation and strength to help poor people”.

Dr Andrew Fleming, British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad said:

“Azhar’s contribution to society is incredible and has meant the difference between a meal or no meal for millions. There are many similar missions of selfless sacrifice and service, some emerging as a result of the pandemic, but the powerful ‘Hunger has no Religion’ has ran for 8 years, reaching the most vulnerable and delivering a powerful underlying message to all. I cannot be happier for him and members of the ‘Sani Welfare Foundation’.”

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