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How Emily

1574. Emily Nicole Roberts

Emily Nicole Roberts, aged 22, from Swansea, is a disability advocate who uses her social media platforms to challenge common stereotypes associated with disabled people, and raise awareness of disability issues.

Emily Nicole Roberts

Emily has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user, and runs a regular ‘How Emily’ series of video blogs, to help open up conversations around disabilities, and support other young disabled people in feeling confident about their abilities. Her videos show how she completes everyday tasks, such as driving in an adapted vehicle, getting up from a fall, and getting dressed.

In a personal letter to Emily, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“One of my proudest moments as Mayor of London was when we hosted the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. The Games did so much to transform attitudes and showcase the incredible talents of disabled people.

“I want to thank you for your openness and creativity through  your ‘How Emily’ series to show your own abilities and open up conversations, particularly for young people.”

Emily said:

“Anything I can do and EVERYTHING I achieve is a real honour for me. I will happily use my life as a point of reference forever, so that I can educate, encourage and empower those with and without disabilities about my capability and everyone’s abilities, as that’s what counts!

“I started my YouTube channel, in the hopes of changing lives by filming mine. I only make videos in my spare time, so to be recognised by such a prestigious award is CRAZY!

“It will only enable me to work harder in my quest to fight for positive representation of ‘different abilities’ in the media and wider society.”

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