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Hollie Gazzard Trust

1779. Nick Gazzard

Nick Gazzard, from Gloucestershire, founded ‘Hollie Gazzard Trust’ in memory of his daughter Hollie, who was murdered aged 20 by her ex-boyfriend in 2014, to support and protect people who have experienced domestic violence and stalking.

Nick Gazzard

Through the trust, Nick has pioneered the ‘HollieGuard app’, an advanced personal safety device for smartphones which can reach out to emergency contacts when an alert is created. Nick has also overseen the development of a ‘HollieGuard Extra’, which provides enhanced levels of protection for women and men at risk of domestic violence or stalking, or anyone who travels and works alone, backed by a 24/7 monitoring service which provides direct access to a dedicated emergency response team who are fully equipped to assess the situation and are trained in appropriate escalation procedures. The app has been backed by Home Office funding and offered to police forces across the UK. In addition to the app, the trust helps reduce domestic violence through creating and delivering programmes on domestic abuse and promoting healthy relationships to schools and colleges.

In a personal letter to Nick, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was so sorry to learn of the tragic loss of your daughter, Hollie, and so inspired by your strength in founding the ‘Hollie Gazzard Trust’. 

“Your work in schools is a brilliant way of educating young people about the dangers of abusive relationships. The ‘HollieGuard’ app you have developed is also transforming personal safety for people suffering from the horrors of domestic abuse and stalking.”

Rachel Maclean, Minister for Safeguarding, said:

“I am delighted that Nick Gazzard’s tireless work has been recognised with a Points of Light award. ‘The Hollie Gazzard Trust’, and in particular the Hollie Guard app, have provided vital help to victims and survivors of domestic abuse and stalking. Nick has made a real positive impact on women’s safety, and I congratulate him wholeheartedly.”

Nick said:

“It is fantastic to be recognised by ‘Points of Light’ and Members of Parliament for helping individuals who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse and stalking. I am really proud to accept this on behalf of the staff, trustees and volunteers who contribute to the work of the Trust and have made it the force that it is today. We will continue to raise awareness of the issues that Hollie faced and provide training and educational workshops to various groups and help prevent these things happening to others through our personal safety app, Hollie Guard.”

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