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Helping new mothers

528. Hannah Peck

A mother of two from Sheffield set up Baby Basics.

Hannah set up Baby Basics in 2009 to support new mothers who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby. This started in a church in Sheffield it remains a thriving Baby Basics centre, but with Hannah’s dedication the charity now has a far broader reach, donating over 1385 items and helping over 850 families through centres across England in the last year.

A midwife, who at the time was the lead midwife for displaced people groups in Sheffield approached the King’s Centre Church in Sheffield and asked if families there would donate clothing. After sharing stories of the families in need of help the church was moved to action. Hannah led a group of mums and started collecting together whatever they could to make a difference to these new mothers and Baby Basics was born.  

Baby Basics was started in 2009 and at the start of 2013 a second centre was opened in Northampton. Whilst bringing up two small children, Hannah has dedicated herself to this cause full time and the charity now boasts 22 centres across the country, each staffed by a committed team of volunteers.

Baby Basics ensures they help the women most in need by working with midwives, health visitors, social workers and other front line agencies. The mothers they help can be anyone, from those facing sexual exploitation to families seeking asylum.

In the last year, across 12 centres, Baby Basics have successfully completed 1084 requests for help, sending out 1385 items, with all donations coming from local communities. Supplying anything from buggies and cots to a Moses basket starter pack filled with clothes and toiletries, covering some of the practical needs of a new mother and baby. These 12 centres have reached over 850 families and this is set to rise with the ever expanding network.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“With Baby Basics, Hannah has created a fantastic initiative to provide new mums who need extra support with essential items for their babies.  The network of donation centres she has created around the UK helped over 850 families last year to give their baby a better start in life. I am delighted to recognise Hannah as the UK’s 528th UK Point of Light.”

Hannah said:

“I’m delighted to be given the Point of Light Award, I accept it on behalf of each member of the different Baby Basics teams across the country who choose to give up their time and energies to support the most vulnerable in their communities. I also accept on behalf of the midwives, social workers and other frontline professionals who work day in and day out with the vulnerable women and families we give to, they truly are points of lights and rays of hope to the communities they serve and care for.”

Local MP Paul Blomfield said:

“I’ve seen the work that Hannah’s done with Baby Basics and am delighted that she’s been recognised for it. Too many new mothers are struggling for basic support at what should be the most wonderful time of their lives. Hannah’s project has made a real difference to them, not only in Sheffield, but across the UK. Her example, like many others in our city, shows what can be achieved by people taking action to support others in need.”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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