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Help, I’m Now Home Schooling

1587. Carly Twigg

Carly Twigg, from Stoke-on-Trent, set up the “Help, I’m Now Home Schooling” community on Facebook during the first closure of schools in response to the pandemic to provide a place for sharing lesson tips, mental health support ideas, and nutritional and exercise advice.

Carly Twigg

Carly was inspired to help others after starting home schooling for her own daughter Esme, and wanting to keep busy while furloughed. Carly’s group now has over 5,600 members and has inspired additional local versions to be set up across the UK.

In a personal letter to Carly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Thank you for the community you have created through “Help! I’m Now Home Schooling” allowing thousands of parents and guardians to share resources and advice.

“I am full of admiration for parents across the country who are juggling the extraordinary demands of home schooling, often while working at the same time. Whether it is exercise tips, lesson ideas or even just a place to have a virtual conversation, your community is a wonderful example of families supporting each other as we battle this virus.”

Carly said:

“I am completely in shock! I set this group up within seconds of the Prime Minister confirming schools were closing in the first lockdown. At the time my first thought was that people will be struggling and panicking, and that those people needed a safe and supportive community to help them get through this. We have opened our group to anyone and everyone who has something useful or helpful to share. We are a mix of parents, guardians, teachers, educators and other professionals who are working hard to ensure there is always great and fresh content available as well as a listening ear for those who need it. I am just glad that my vision was able to be realised and that the group continues to grow, maintaining the ethos it was built on.”

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