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Hearing Dogs Champion

1958. Irene Rich

Irene Rich, from Hampshire, has been dedicated for over 12 years to training dogs as hearing dogs for deaf people with national charity 'Hearing Dogs For Deaf People.'

Irene Rich

Being partially deaf herself, Irene knew how much of a difference a hearing dog can make in enabling people who are hearing impaired to remain active in their community, as well as being able to alert them to important and life-saving sounds they would otherwise miss, such as doorbells and alarms. With ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’ Irene has led fundraisers and events, and provided exceptional care for the charity’s breeding stock dogs and their litters.

Irene said:

“Looking after puppies who go on to change a deaf person’s life is already incredibly rewarding. To receive this award, and know that I was nominated by this fantastic charity which is very dear to my heart, is truly humbling.”

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