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Hartlepool Royal British Legion

826. Sian Cameron

Sian Cameron, from Hartlepool, is the chair of her local branch of the ‘Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal’, continuing the legacy of her father Ian, who held the post previously but who sadly passed away in 2011.

Now in her seventh year of leadership, Sian has doubled the fundraising total of the Hartlepool branch to over £50,000 a year. In addition to Sian’s own fundraising, she has facilitated the distribution of 420,000 poppies over seven years and converted her loft specifically so that she could store more poppies. Over 100 volunteers have been mobilised under Sian’s leadership, including more than 70 Army and RAF cadets, ensuring that her volunteering legacy is passed onto the next generation.

In a personal letter to Sian, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your remarkable achievement of distributing 420,000 poppies in your local branch of the ‘Royal British Legion’ as part of the poppy appeal is continuing your father’s great fundraising legacy. You are inspiring hundreds of new volunteers to join the Hartlepool branch and in doing so ensuring that the next generation will remember those who gave their lives while serving our country.”

Sian said:

I am extremely grateful to have been awarded this prestigious accolade. The Hartlepool ‘Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal’ is a charity that was very close to my Dad’s heart.  After his sudden death is 2010, I knew there was only one option open for me and that was to follow in my Dads footsteps by taking his lead and coordinating the Poppy Appeal.

Over the past seven years I have found the generosity in the Town to be unbelievable.  It’s overwhelming how generous people are during the Poppy Appeal, they would give their last penny for this worthy cause.

The total raised increases year after year.  This wouldn’t be possible without the help, hard work and support from my friends, family and local organisations who all help contribute to our amazing final figure.  My employer, NETA Training, has been both patient and accommodating in allowing me the time necessary to successfully run the Poppy Appeal.”


Picture credited to The Hartlepool Mail

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