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GreenSeas Trust

2061. Fazilette Khan

Fazilette Khan, from London, set up ‘GreenSeas Trust’ whilst pursuing a career in the Merchant Navy to help tackle marine waste and increase education about the impacts of plastic pollution on ocean wildlife.

During a trip to the island of Tobago in 2003, Fazilette saw beautiful beaches ruined by discarded litter ending up in the sea. Fazilette started GreenSeas Trust and began a three pronged campaign of beach bins, litter awareness and community interaction to raise awareness in the local community. Following the success of this initiative, she decided to use the same methods across the UK.

Through their awareness-raising and education, the charity aims to eliminate litter entering the ocean, working closely with local communities and schools to create the next generation of plastic warriors and make students aware of the impact of plastics on the environment.

The charity also runs an initiative called ‘BinForGreenSeas’, which has seen  large recycling bins dedicated to marine litter and plastics installed in 13 coastal locations across England  to reduce waste and raise awareness of plastic pollution. It is estimated that each bin is collecting over 60 kg of plastic per month, with Fazilette looking to continue expanding provision of bins to further locations.

Fazilette said:

“I am truly humbled to receive the Point of Light award, which is reflective of the hard work of our volunteers. GreenSeas Trust would not be able to function without their dedication.”  

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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