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895. Beth Hoskins

Beth Hoskins, from London, is the first ‘GoodGym’ volunteer out of 5,000 across the country to complete over 500 runs with the organisation.

‘GoodGym’ combines regular exercise with supporting local communities, with running club members stopping off during their runs to help others. Since joining ‘GoodGym’ in January 2014, Beth has been a key volunteer at the organisation, totalling over 1,600 kilometres of running and 535 good deed runs. Beth participates in around five runs a week supporting a variety of causes, including community gardening, helping isolated elderly individuals, and providing support to people with mobility issues. She is an instrumental advocate for the charity and has been featured in the Evening Standard for her volunteering.

In a personal letter to Beth, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“As the first person in the history of ‘GoodGym’ to complete 500 runs, you have helped hundreds of people in communities across London, supporting a real variety of causes. You have demonstrated a tremendous commitment to helping others, doing good deeds, and promoting healthy living.”

Beth said:

“I’m honoured to have been awarded the Points of Light award for my work with ‘GoodGym’. Since starting four years ago I’ve helped hundreds of community projects and isolated older people all over London to do tasks that they aren’t able to do themselves. The tasks are really variable; some are as small as just changing a lightbulb while others, like clearing an overgrown garden, can be quite physically demanding. Whatever the task though, seeing how grateful people are that there is someone able and willing to help makes it all worthwhile. 

In addition to the people that I’ve helped I’ve also been lucky enough to meet and make friends with an amazing group of like-minded fellow ‘GoodGym’ runners who I look forward to seeing at every session.”

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The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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