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Glow Fund

660. Aaron Kuo Deemer
659. Mimi Kuo Deemer

Aaron and Mimi Kuo Deemer are co-founders of the Glow Fund, a UK-based charity providing life-changing spinal surgery for children in China and Tibet.

The couple have helped hundreds of children suffering from conditions including severe scoliosis, cerebral palsy and dislocated hips, by connecting them with world-class medics who travel to China and perform the transformational surgeries.

When travelling in Sichuan in 2003, Aaron met seven-year-old Dolma who had severe scoliosis. Shocked to realise her family would never be able to afford the operation to remove the debilitating curvature of her spine, he set about raising money to help fund a team of experts travelling to China and give Dolma the care she needed. Since then, they have helped over 350 children, many of whom come from orphanages and the vast majority who have never had the opportunity to be seen by a doctor able to offer any appropriate care before in their lives. 

In addition to performing operations the visiting doctors also share their expertise, skills and knowledge with medics working at the local Chinese hospitals.

In a personal letter to Mimi and Aaron, Prime Minister Theresa May said: 

“Your work has ensured hundreds of children in China and Tibet have received the orthopaedic surgeries they so desperately needed. Through the Glow Fund, you and your supporters are transforming lives.” 

Mimi and Aaron said:

“It’s a rare day during Glow Fund missions that we aren’t brought to tears, but it was also a rare day that we don’t feel an immense sense of joy and aliveness, with appreciation for everyone around us.  All of the children who come for operations have been dealt such a seriously rough start to life, but still the laughter, love and genuine care is unbelievable.  So just to have the chance to be with the children through this intense time, and really get to know about their lives is always such a great privilege.”  

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