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Globus Music

653. Emma-Marie Kabanova

Emma-Marie Kabanova is the co-founder of ‘Globus Music’ an innovative collaboration between artists from the Bolshoi Theatre, musicians from the Moscow Conservatory and dancers from the Kremlin Ballet Theatre.

Globus Music promotes British classical music in Moscow and raises money for children’s charities with workshops and performances. Emma-Marie was inspired to start the ensemble after visiting an orphanage in the Ryazan region with the charity ‘Love Russia’. She was struck by how receptive the children were to music and went on to spend a year in Siberia playing the violin to children in orphanages and hospitals. Later she worked in a similar way with young offenders before launching Globus Music in 2014.

In a personal letter to Emma-Marie, Prime Minister Theresa May said: 

“By creating ‘Globus Music’ you have established an innovative ensemble of artists and musicians who are promoting the very best of British classical music in Russia and raising important funds for local children’s charities.”

Emma-Marie said: 

“Music is a wonderful gift that can transcend sorrow, unite people and turn thoughts to that which is good. In 2007 I packed up my violin and set off to test this belief in Russia.  Wherever played, in orphanages, prisons, hospitals and asylums, I found this to be true. However, alone I could do little. So in 2014 I founded Globus Music with a handful of talented and kind musicians. Our concerts raise money for charities that are truly making a difference. I am immensely humbled to know that my small efforts have been recognized and hope that my music may continue to be a point of light.”

The British Ambassador to Moscow, Laurie Bristow:

“I am delighted that Emma-Marie’s work has been recognised as a Point of Light.  Emma-Marie and her friends at Globus Music bring together some of Russia’s incredibly talented musicians to help the most vulnerable and under-privileged people in Russia.  As well as volunteering to help children in institutions and young offenders, Emma-Marie and her colleagues organise events to raise money and increase public awareness, including through events at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Moscow.”

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