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1117. Amy King
1118. Nicola King

Amy and Nicola King, from London, are the co-founders of ‘GlamSci’, encouraging girls to study STEM subjects.

Amy and Nicola King

As a child who was passionate about science, Amy was repeatedly told that studying science was not for girls. Nonetheless she went on to study chemistry and she was inspired to set up a blog, ‘GlamSci’, to recount her own experiences as a disabled woman in science. Following the blog’s success, Amy and her mother Nickie developed ‘GlamSci’ into a wider charity aiming to help young women into science education. GlamSci provides public talks, career advice, university application tips, mentoring and placements schemes, as well as hands-on STEM workshops, working with other charities to support more people, particularly disabled young people and those from a disadvantaged background. Through these activities, ‘GlamSci’ has provided over 300 hours of education, training and advice to more than 5,000 people across the country, and online support to 165 young people nationally and internationally.

The award for Amy and Nicola coincides with International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

In a personal letter to Amy, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your work has been invaluable in transforming the lives of young women, inspiring them to study STEM subjects. Drawing on your own experience, you are also raising awareness of the issues facing disabled women in science and further breaking down the barriers for young people, irrespective of gender, disability or background. I wish you every success with your continued work.”

In a personal letter to Nicola, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Through ‘GlamSci’ you are providing invaluable support to young people, especially young women, facing barriers to education in STEM subjects. Your work is truly inspiring and I wish you every future success.”

Amy said:

“When we first started ‘GlamSci’ we had no idea where it would lead, all we wanted was to prevent disadvantaged students from missing out, but to be recognised for the work we have put in to support learners, makes all the work we have done even more worthwhile.”

Nicola added:

“I am delighted and overwhelmed that our small charity has received the recognition of such a prestigious award.”

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