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George and the Giant Pledge

857. Vicki Woodall
858. James Woodall

Vicki and James Woodall, from Redhill, are the founders of ‘George and the Giant Pledge’, a campaign that fundraises for the ‘Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.’

After their son George was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in January this year, Vicki and James launched a campaign to fund treatment for child cancer patients. Their fundraising efforts have included recording and producing a song with a ‘CBBC’ producer, with proceeds from the single going to charity. They have currently raised just under £600,000, which has already supported the funding of new staff posts at ‘The Royal Marsden Hospital’ and the remodelling of an isolation room at ‘East Surrey Hospital’ that gives children a private space to recuperate from intensive treatment and avoid infection. Vicki and James have pledged to raise a total of one million pounds.

In a personal letter to Vicki and James, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Following your son George’s diagnosis this year, you have both worked tirelessly to raise over £500,000 for ‘The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity’ with the goal of beating childhood cancer. Your work is not only raising awareness but also funding life-saving equipment and facilities to help other families like yours to fight the debilitating illness. You should feel tremendously proud of the achievements of ‘George and the Giant Pledge’ and I wish you every success in your goal of raising one million pounds.”

Vicki and James said:

“We’re thrilled to receive the Points of Light Award! Navigating our family’s challenging cancer journey whilst using our story to help raise awareness and funds to beat childhood cancer hasn’t always been easy but it’s been more than rewarding! George and the Giant Pledge has helped us get through some seriously dark days knowing that something good will come from our shocking situation. We’re so proud of everything being achieved by our army of supporters and know that the million pounds we’re raising will go on to help children facing childhood cancer both now and in the future.”

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