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Games Mascot

77. Brian Borland

Playing Clyde, Brian Borland has one of the most important jobs in the games, responsible for helping tens of thousands of fans to enjoy their experience.

Brian’s unique journey started back in Delhi in 2010 when he volunteered to take part in the Commonwealth Games handover ceremony. Then, in December 2012, Brian applied to be one of the Clyde Frontrunners and then was later on selected from thousands of Clyde-sider volunteers to be one of ten who would dress as Clyde for the games. Finally, work started properly for Brian in January 2013 when he first put on the suit and started his first round of mascot visits. He has since attended over 200 events including the ticketing launch, Queen’s baton relay and a range of local sports celebrations.

During the games themselves, Brian has found himself busier than ever. So far he has been in on-field dance routines, rushing between the games venues to meet and greet thousands of visitors, and posing for hundreds of selfies along the way. Highlights include visiting nearly all of the Games venues including The Hydro and SECC and cheering the runners on the track at Hampden Park during the athletics medal races.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“As Clyde, Brian has made the most of a fantastic volunteering opportunity and put a remarkable amount of dedication into being part of an incredible sporting experience for thousands of people. I’m delighted to make Brian a Point of Light today.”

Brian said:

“This has been such an incredible journey and this award just tops it all off really. The guys I work with are fantastic and we’ve put so much time into this over the past couple of years, I really hope people have enjoyed what we’ve done. I hope this award inspires others to jump on opportunities to volunteer, you never know what you may end up doing!”

The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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