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Former Chef takes action against hunger abroad

545. Bill Knott

A former chef and food critic from London has dedicated almost twenty years to making sure we live in a world where no child goes hungry.

Bill Knott, 51, has been an ambassador for humanitarian charity Action Against Hunger since 1997. His innovative fundraising ideas and work to involve the British food industry in supporting the charity has helped to raise over £1million a year to support undernourished children and their families across the world.

Bill’s support for Action Against Hunger began when he received a letter in 1997 from the charity asking him to support their work. Having worked in the hospitality industry as a chef for 10 years, he felt huge empathy for people who struggle to feed their families, so decided to lend his support.

He has since helped to create a number of major fundraising events, including a Fine Wine Auction and Dinner which, as it enters its 10th year, has raised over £1.8 million. Bill also established the unique event ‘Too Many Critics’ – which sees a number of high profile food critics cooking for a selection of chefs from top restaurants in London and Manchester. Last year’s London event raised over £34,000, with this year’s taking place on Sunday 5th June at Ceviche Old Street, London.

As well as fundraising Bill gives up his time to attend meetings, sit on committees, and helping Action Against Hunger find new sponsors and partners. He has previously helped them forge relationships with some of the UK’s top chefs and restaurateurs, and Taste of London restaurant festival.

Bill has also challenged himself physically, cycling across Rajasthan, India, as part of a team which raised more than £100,000. Over the years, Bill has travelled all over the world including Bangladesh, Chad, Ethiopia and India to highlight the work of the charity and raise awareness of child hunger.

Action Against Hunger save the lives of malnourished children and provide families with access to safe water and good nutrition. In 2014 they helped over 13.6 million people in 46 countries worldwide.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Bill is a dedicated and innovative ambassador for Action Against Hunger. From auctioning wine, to turning the tables on some of the country’s most celebrated food critics, he has raised an impressive sum to support this important international work. I’m delighted to be recognising Bill as the UK’s 545th Point of Light.”

Bill Knott said:

“I think everyone involved in the hospitality industry – and I was a chef for 10 years before I started writing about food – feels an instinctive empathy with people for whom nutrition means the constant, precarious business of keeping themselves and their families alive. Those of us who make our livings cooking, serving, eating and writing about food can count ourselves very lucky.

I can’t imagine my life without Action Against Hunger now. Every time we put together an event and talk about the amazing work that our staff do around the world, I get a huge kick out of seeing new people enthused about what we can all do to help end child hunger.”

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