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Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas

1398. Claire Balkind

Claire Balkind, from Barnet, launched the Facebook page ‘Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas’ at the start of lockdown to share activity ideas with families staying at home.

Claire’s page now has over 1.1 million members from across the UK and is being used to create a book in collaboration with children’s charity ‘Barnardos’.

In a personal letter to Claire, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I have been so uplifted by the ingenious ways in which people have adapted their lives to follow the rules, while having fun, staying in touch and helping others.

“Your “Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas” page is a treasure-trove of such activities, unlocking the creative spirit of families across the nation while providing a much cherished source of comfort at this time.

“I am lost in admiration to learn that your Facebook group has grown to more than 1 million members.

“On their behalf, and on behalf the whole country, thank you!”

Claire said: 

“I am deeply humbled to receive this incredible award and it has been such a privilege to lead the group. The community amazes and inspires me every day and the support and love shown by the members for each other is very powerful. Families have proven that despite challenging circumstances, they can achieve great things. I am very excited to continue the group into the future and enable this community spirit to continue.”

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