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Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team Wales

1533. Momena Ali

Momena Ali, from Swansea, founded ‘Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team Wales’ to provide holistic and culturally sensitive support to young members of the BAME community.

Momena Ali

Set up in 2005, the network hosts a series of workshops, providing advice on areas such as education and employment and work to challenge negative stereotypes.

In a personal letter to Momena, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Through your educational workshops, you are helping young people of all backgrounds grow in confidence and aspiration. Whether it is increasing participation in sport, or after school homework clubs, your team of staff and volunteers is transforming the lives of young people for the better.”

Momena said:

“Receiving the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award means a lot to myself, EYST and the communities that it serves.

“For me personally it is validation for all the time and effort put into founding, growing and sustaining EYST, so that it can continue to serve those in need of it.

“For EYST, it is recognition of the importance and scope of the work it carries out as well a vital profile raiser to aid its growth. And to those EYST serves it is proof that, despite the many structural and societal barriers that BAME people face, a woman from amongst that demographic was able to overcome them and receive acknowledgement for doing so. Finally I would like to extend my gratitude to the Prime Minister for this acknowledgment.”

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